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Professional lightweight studio headphones with AIAIAI signature audio and enhanced comfort and isolation.

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Lightweight studio headphones.
Minimalistic and lightweight construction. Ideal for a versatile and dynamic workflow.
Signature AIAIAI bio-diaphragm speaker tuned for clarity and detail.
Critically acclaimed sound stage specifically designed for music creation with a clear and highly detailed sound
High isolation earpads.
High grade memory foam cushions covered with resilient and soft PU leather for high isolation suitable for any
creative environment.
Modular product design.
Our TMA-2 modular headphone system offers a customizable solution that adapts to your creative process.
With interchangeable components such as earpads, cables, and drivers, you can upgrade or change parts of
your headphones to improve sound quality, comfort, or style.
Headphones for life.
We offer lifetime trade-in for your headphones or modular parts. With this program, users can leverage our
modular product design to get maximum value from their purchase by swapping out used or non-functional
headphones or parts for future credit. This means only investing in one pair of headphones, for life.


Key Features:

Signature bio-diaphragm speaker drivers tuned for clarity and detail.

Lightweight studio headphones – only 190g.

High isolation PU leather earpads.

Modular headphones – Headphones for life.

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 8.1 × 3.3 × 9.25 in