Beats Solo 2.0 Black Elite Velour Earpads

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The most popular headphone line in the world, Beats by Dre is not just a headphone but a lifestyle brand.  The Solo 2.0 built on the original Beats Solo model legacy with improved sound quality. The Solo 2.0 are an on ear lifestyle headphone.  Dekoni’s pads help increase both isolation and comfort, and are a must have to make your Solo’s even more luxurious and enjoyable.


Dekoni Audio spent a lot of time designing and refining this ear pad to be the most comfortable and best sounding velour ear pads available today. This velour material is not quite alcantara but not the typical velour you find on other ear pads. This velour is softer and more breathable while still acting like a traditional protein leather in the way it doesn’t absorb all the low end you lose to most velour ear pads. By using a tighter velour Dekoni has managed to make the ear pad react more like a traditional leather or protein leather ear pad in that you don’t lose the bass frequencies or the isolation as seen with most velour ear pads. It still retains the comfort and coolness of velour. Paired with the slow rebound, high density memory foam Dekoni is famous for they have created possibly the ultimate velour ear pads on the market today. What sets Dekoni apart from the herd is they tune every pad they make to specific headphones so you know you’re getting an upgrade and not just a replacement.