Bloodsplatter Instrument Cable 25ft. Straight

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An armory awaits its master, and in the midnight mist a shadowy figure emerges. The scene is set, a stage for the damned. He raises an axe and grins as her shrill cries cut through the darkness. Slashing furiously in a crescendo of chaos, amplifying a performance bound by blood, like a cable connecting his soul to those lost in the darkness. Grim, shocking, and macabre, Coffin unleashes the quintessential cable for musical massacres. Plug it into your weapon of choice, and may all your nightmares come true…

  • Black high quality outer weave with blood splatters
  • Gold plated 1/4″-1/4″ connectors
  • Recessed input jacks reap the benefits of a longer connector
  • Everlasting lifetime guarantee
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