Decksaver LE Rode Rodecaster Pro 2 Cover (Light Edition)

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MAP: $49.99

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  • Engineered specifically for the Rode Rodecaster Pro 2.
  • Patented smoked/clear transparency, unique to Decksaver.
  • Protects against dust, liquid and impact.
  • Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.
  • Low profile design enables compatibility with most flight cases and travel bags.
  • Perfect fit while accommodating cables.

The Rodecaster Pro 2 is the perfect companion for Podcasters, streamers, musicians, and content creators with its ease of use and multitude of ports and capabilities. Whether you record your instruments or stream live. its possibilities are endless.

Whether on the move or in the studio, we think it is essential you protect the Rodecaster’ s delicate screen and controls. The risk of a cracked screen or a broken fader would render it nearly useless. This is why we created our Decksaver LE Rodecaster Pro 2 Cover.

The cover is a tough but lightweight polycarbonate shell, that protects from dust, liquid, and accidental impact. It is precision-molded for an exact fit while accommodating cables, so your Rode Rodecaster Pro 2 can sit ready for operation. It also slides straight into a flight case or bag ready for transportation while shielding delicate controls and internal components from damage at home, on the road, and on stage.

This cover is a Light Edition (LE), which is brought to you at a more cost-effective price but still shields delicate knobs, switches, pads and internal components from dust, liquid and accidental knocks.

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 12.3 × 10.8 × 1.6 in