Decksaver UDO Audio SUPER 6 Desktop Cover

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MAP: $99.99

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  • Engineered specifically for the UDO Audio SUPER 6 Desktop.
  • Patented smoked/clear transparency, unique to Decksaver.
  • Protects against dust, liquid and impact.
  • Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.
  • Low profile design enables compatibility with most flight cases and travel bags.
  • Perfect fit while accommodating cables.

Coming out of Bristol, England, the UDO Super 6 Desktop is a fully-featured analog-hybrid 12 voice synthesizer that packs the same punch as the original Super 6 but with the benefits of a more compact footprint.

The magnificent vibrant warm sounds that come from the device have to be heard to be believed and we are huge fans here at Decksaver towers.

With their complex nature and banks of switches, knobs, screens and pads, the risk of harm is closer than you think. This is where Decksaver steps in.

Working with these wonderful units, we have measured, designed and custom-molded in the UK, a super-tough polycarbonate cover to perfectly fit the contours of this exciting UDO device.

With years of experience working with plastics, we have created the perfect cover to protect your machine against dust, debris, liquids, smoke and accidental impacts.

Our super-durable polycarbonate shells feature extreme durability and offer the highest degree of protection.

Dressing your unit in a Decksaver cover should mean you will never have to worry about your Super 6 getting damaged at home, in the studio, or at the gig.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 18.1 × 11.9 × 2.0 in