Dekoni Audio Dan Clark Aeon Flow Series (Elite Sheepskin)

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Dekoni Audio Memory Foam Replacement Ear Pads for Dan Clark Audio Aeon Flow Series Headphones – Elite Sheepskin

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Have you met Mr. Speakers? His name is Dan Clark and you’ll find audio excellence with his Aeon Flow headphones. The Flows include driver filters to help fine tune the sound, but what if you’re looking for more? Dekoni Audio is proud to announce support for the Aeon Flow Series. Multiply your modding options with the comfort of Dekoni and fine tune your experience.

When you take soft, supple sheepskin and wrap it in dense, slow rebounding memory foam, you increase isolation, comfort and sound stage.

The sheepskin and foam wrap create a tight but comfortable seal on your head, even if you wear glasses, to ensure that our discerning listeners have a great headphone experience.