Dekoni Audio Headphone Carry Case

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The Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior is a one of a kind bag. It is the only bag designed for the traveling headphone user and the Dekoni Audio Savior fits even the biggest headphones available. Whether you have a Focal Utopia, Audeze LCD, Sennheiser HD800 or another monster set of cans, the Headphone Savior has you covered. Extra pockets for your digital audio player, adaptors and even a spare cable can save you digging through the depths of a normal backpack. Sling it over the shoulder or carabiner it to an existing bag with the nifty climbing loop. Don’t forget the multiple ways to configure the interior, use the insert to build a shelf or flip it horizontally, you can adjust it to any style. Grab a Dekoni Audio Savior and give your headphones a comfy home for your everyday adventures.