EFNOTE 7X Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set

MSRP: $5,999.00
MAP: $5,199.00


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The EFNOTE 7X Electronic Drum kit applies EFNOTE’s amazing acoustic feel and playability to full-size shells and cymbals. The result is true drum feel and touch, with the sonic control and flexibility of EFNOTE’s stunning sampled sound palette.

In addition to the elements found in the EFNOTE 7 kit, the 7X kit adds a second floor tom (13” x13”) and a brand new 17” real-feel effects cymbal with a floppy structure that replicates the feel and wobble of trashy cymbals. And new STAK technology allows  stacking of the 8” splash onto the 17” effect cymbal.

Real 6-ply birch shells (black finish) offer the feel and presence you expect from acoustic drums, while multi-sensors on each drum, cymbal and hi-hat surface provide amazingly accurate, acoustic tone. Perfect for recording, gigs and practice, EFNOTE features include Tru-Aco Stereo sampled sounds, tuning/muffling/EQ for each pad (plus pan, ambience and reverb for each), 360° cymbals, near-zero latency and extremely realistic stroke response and feel. And the module has storage for hundreds of customized sounds.

Shell/cymbal sizes include:
• 20 x 15″ kick drum
• 14 x 5.5″ snare
• 11 x 8″ rack tom
• 13 x 13” floor tom 1
• 15 x 15″ floor tom 2
• 14” hi-hats
• 16” crash cymbal
• 17” effect cymbal (w/ holes)
• 20″ ride cymbal
• 8” splash cymbal