EFNOTE PRO System (Sound Module and Stagebox)

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EFNOTE PRO is designed to digitize your drum riser, then elevate your stage. By simply connecting up to 12 XLR outputs to your stage snake or soundboard, you will be receiving the highest quality drum samples on the market with absolute consistency and perfect isolation. A robust selection of shell pack configurations are available, so that each player and venue can find there dream setup.

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EFNOTE PRO Module is a state-of-the-art electronic drum system that offers superior sound quality and consistent performance. Connect up to 12 XLR outputs to the stage box and digitize your drum riser. The EFNOTE PRO module comes loaded with the highest quality drum sounds available on the market. Kits are available in many different configurations, and easily customizable. With EFNOTE PRO, you can create the perfect kit, achieve perfect isolation, and enjoy crisp and clear drum sounds without any interference.

12-ch Buses to the Console
• 12-ch buses separate from main bus for flexible routing
• Balanced XLR outputs
• Dedicated Bus Com-pression for Bus 1 to 6
• Bus HPF/2-Band-EQ for Bus 1 to 12
• Stereo-Link for stereo channelization of two adjacent buses
• Ground lift switch

XLR Inputs from the Console
• 2-ch Monitor In (XLR balanced) for monitoring return from the console
• 2-ch Line In (TRS unbalanced) for an extra sampling/percussion pad
• Adjustable volume
• Ground lift switch for XLR jacks

USB Multi-Track Recording
• Simultaneous record-ing of 12-ch multi-track Audio and 16-ch MIDI is available
• Supports macOS Big Sur or later and Windows 10/11
• Confirmed with major DAWs
• 5-pin legacy MIDI Out is also available



User Interface
  • Full Color, Capacitive Touchscreen Display
  • 2x Multi-Function Knob (with Ring LED)
  • 1x Value Knob (with Ring LED)
Trigger Interface
  • 3-Zone (7x): Snare, Crash 1/2/3/4(FX), Ride, Hi-Hat
  • 2-Zone (7x): Tom 1/2/3/4/5, Crash 5(Splash), Crash 6(China)
  • 1-Zone (1x): Kick
  • ELISE™ 2.0 Trigger Sensing Chip
Audio / MIDI Interface
  • Bus Out: 12x XLR(M) (+4dBu, Balanced, +23dBu Max), Attenuator (-6dB, -12dB, -20dB, -30dB), GND Lift Sw (1-6, 7-12)
  • Line Out: 2x 1/4” TS Phone (-10dBV, Unbalanced, +14dBV Max)
  • Phones Out: 1x 1/4” Stereo (320 + 320 mW @32Ω), 1x 1/8” Stereo (320 + 320 mW @32Ω)
  • Monitor In: 2x XLR(F) + 1/4” TRS Combo (+4dBu, Balanced, +24dBu Max), GND Lift Sw
  • Line In: 2x 1/4” TS Phone (-10dBV, Unbalanced, +10dBV Max)

0dBu = 0.775Vrms, 0dBV = 1.0Vrms

    • USB: USB (B type) Port (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed), Audio 12ch Out / 2ch In, MIDI In/Out
    • Bluetooth: Audio Input (A2DP)
    • Bluetooth MIDI In/Out (Bluetooth Low Energy/GATT)

Transmission Frequency: 2402-2480 MHz, Maximum Transmit Power: 2.5 mW EIRP

  • MIDI Out: 5-pin DIN
Other Interfaces
  • Link Port: D-SUB 9-pin (use included link cable EFD-DSUB9-2 only)
  • USB (Flash Drive): USB (A type) Port (USB 2.0) (supports flash drive only)
  • USB (For Service): USB (B type) Port (for service purpose only)
Drum Kits / Instruments
  • Preset Drum Kits: 23 (editable)
  • User Drum Kits: 100
  • Instruments: Acoustic Drums/Cymbals (stereo), Percussion (stereo), Attack Elements
  • Tru-Aco™ Sound Technology
Edit Parameters
  • Level, Pan, Tuning, Muffling (for each pad)
  • 2-Band EQ (for each pad)
  • Overlay Tone (for each zone)
  • Global Pan (for all drum kits in common)
  • Changable Kit Name Color and Background Kit Image (for each user drum kit)
  • 4x Click Setup Memory
  • Tempo (BPM): 40.0-240.0 (0.1 Step)
  • Beat (Time Signature): 1/4-13/4, 2/8-13/8
  • 15x Set-List (20 slots for each list)
  • Array-style 20 slot buttons
  • Slot Tag Color and Slot Notes feature
  • Tempo and Beat Settings for each slot
  • Each set-list can be saved to a USB flash drive
  • Tracks: 15
  • Resolution: 480 TPQN
  • 16 Channel Audio Buses (12x Bus + Bus Mix L/R + Main L/R)
  • Bus HPF and EQ (Bus 1-12), Bus Compressor (Bus 1-6)
  • 12x Bus Outputs (12x XLR Analog and 12ch USB Audio)
  • Bus Mixer
  • Main HPF and EQ (Main L/R)
Other Features
  • Inst Expansion
  • Foot Light
  • Ground Lift Switches (for Bus Out and Monitor In)
  • Full Metal Cabinet
  • Guard Handles
Dimensions / Weight
  • Control Surface: 128 (W) x 172 (D) x 30 (H) mm / 700 g
  • Base Unit: 206 (W) x 210 (D) x 238 (H) mm / 3,250 g

Excluding protrusions

Power Supply / Current Draw
  • AC Adapter (FJ-SW1202000N-EFNOTE) DC 12V / 1.5A
  • 1x Link Cable 2.0m (EFD-DSUB9-2)
  • 1x AC Adapter (FJ-SW1202000N-EFNOTE)
  • 10x Trigger Cable 3.0m (EFD-TRS-LL3)
  • 1x Hi-Hat Cable L 3.0m (EFD-DIN6-LL3)
  • Module Mount Set
  • Smartphone Tray Set
  • Tuning Key
  • Cable Ties
  • Cable Labels
  • Quickstart Guide
Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 16 in