ESI planet 22x Professional Dante audio interface with 2 inputs / 2 outputs

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Professional Dante audio interface with 2 inputs / 2 outputs

planet 22x is a revolutionary new audio interface that combines the most modern networking audio technology based on the popular Dante protocol with the requirements of a professional high end desktop recording audio interface in studio and in mobile environments.

The audio interface is equipped with ultra high quality 24-bit / 96kHz AD converters with 118dB(a) dynamic range and 24-bit / 96kHz DA converters with 123dB(a) dynamic range. The two balanced analog line inputs can also be used with the integrated ultra low noise and precise professional microphone preamplifiers and the special Hi-Z instrument input stages. The balanced master line output can be controlled with a high precision master level step-potentiometer, plus there is a high quality headphone amplifier on the unit.

planet 22x can be powered either via an included 12V DC power supply or via the network cable as a PoE (Power over Ethernet) device. This makes it possible to use the interface even when there is no power outlet close by.

By supporting Dante, planet 22x combines and works with any other Dante devices in an IP audio network, which makes it also a cost effective solution to extend any existing network with additional audio channels, yet it has also been designed to be a flexible professional audio interface using the Dante Virtual Soundcard for any modern recording applications on both Mac and PC – in any professional studio environment. Features

• per channel professional low noise microphone preamp with adjustable gain
• +48V phantom power for connected microphones
• per channel high quality Hi-Z instrument input stage
• precise step-potentiometer to control the master output level of the line outputs
• high quality adjustable headphone output

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 3 in