Sontronics STC-20 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with All-in-One Recording Package

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With a fixed cardioid pattern, the STC-20 microphone features a large open grille that houses the same one-inch gold-sputtered capsule as found in Sontronics’ hugely popular STC-2. It is supplied with all the accessories you need for tracking, which means you can get plugged in and recording within minutes.

Designed to be an affordable entry point into the Sontronics range, the STC-20 microphone gives you the smooth roll-off in the high frequencies characteristic of all Sontronics condenser mics. If you feel you need more flexibility in terms of pad and filter controls, check out the STC-2 microphone (on which the STC-20 is based), which also comes with shockmount and flight case. For even more versatility, the STC-3X Pack comes with the same accessories as the STC-20 Pack and offers three polar patterns: cardioid, omni, and figure-of-eight. Like all Sontronics microphones, the STC-20 is protected by a lifetime warranty.

The large-diaphragm STC-20 microphone will give impressive results on a wide range of sources, including male and female vocals, acoustic guitar and other plucked instruments, guitar amp, percussion, drum kit, piano, and other acoustic instruments. It’s also an ideal microphone for voiceover, podcast, and broadcast work.

Recommended uses:

  • Vocals and spoken word
  • Acoustic guitar and other plucked instruments
  • Guitar amps
  • Piano and other acoustic instruments
  • Drums and percussion
  • Podcast


  • Large-diaphragm condenser mic
  • Fixed cardioid pattern
  • Fantastic for vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, guitar amps, drums, podcast, and other acoustic instruments
  • Comes with shockmount, pop filter, mic pouch and 15′ (5m) XLR cable
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty


  • Large diaphragm microphone
  • Cardioid
  • 1″ Membrane
  • Ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • High transparency
  • Open, silky sound
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Max. SPL 120 dB
  • Impedance 200 Ohm
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 194 x 53 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 696 g