Sontronics Voicecasting Pack Complete Podcasting Mic Kit

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The new SONTRONICS Voicecasting Pack features our multi-award-winning Podcast Pro microphone, packed together with our best-selling Elevate stand and cables. Together they make an amazing-value package that will have you recording, broadcasting or streaming in seconds.

Hand-built in the UK, Podcast Pro has become a must-have for podcasters, radio presenters, voiceover artists, gamers and musicians all round the world.

Thanks to its superbly clear sound reproduction, its internal popshield (to keep polisives and sibilance to a minimum) and its tight pickup (so it focuses on your voice rather than on extraneous background noise), it truly is a must-have mic.

Available in seven colours – black, red, blue, gold, green, cosmic grey and purple – Podcast Pro, like all Sontronics mics, is covered by our unique Lifetime Warranty.


Crystal clear, pro-quality results wherever you are

Huge saving on buying the parts individually!

Podcast Pro mic has picked up multiple awards

Quick and easy to set up, plug in and get going

Also included in the Voicecasting Pack is the Elevate, a multi-positional desktop stand that clamps on to your desk or any work surface. It can also be permanently fixed using the supplied boss fittings.

Elevate features tensioned cables inside rather than springs, so will transfer no noise into your recording, and each arm has a channel and clips to keep your leads tidy.

Speaking of leads, the Voicecasting Pack also includes two cabling options for supreme flexibility. The XLR-USB allows you to plug the mic directly into a Mac or PC, while the XLR-XLR cable enables you to use the mic with an interface or mixer, especially useful if more than one of you are using multiple Voicecasting Packs in one space.


The Voicecasting Pack is a must-have for podcasting but also for radio broadcast and voiceover work, for gaming and streaming, video calls and online teaching, plus it’s great for recording and making music too!


  • MIC TYPE: Dynamic
  • POLAR PATTERN: Supercardioid
  • FREQ. RESPONSE: 50Hz to 15kHz
  • SENSITIVITY: -50dB ±2dB
  • POWER: Phantom power NOT required
  • CABLES: 3-metre XLR-USB & 3-metre XLR-XLR
  • WEIGHT: 1.3kg (package)
    • 310g (mic only)