WBC65 (Pair)

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Accessories: 24V/4.16A Power supply, Phoenix Connector x2, Screw Driver, User Manual

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1. 6.5″ Woofer
2. 1″ Tweeter
3. Sensitivity: Bass: 86±3dB, Tweeter: 89±3dB
4. High/Low Power: LF 4Ω 50W, HF 8Ω 15W
5. Frequency Response: LF: 60Hz-2500Hz, HF: 3kHz-20kHz
6. SNR: ≥85dB
7. THD+N: 55dB
9. Power: 24V
10. Network: 2.4G WiFi, LAN, Bluetooth 5.0
11. Input port: 3.5mm AUX
12. Stereo: 1x Amplifier Speaker + 1x Passive Speaker
Mono: 1x Amplifier Speaker