Unleash Your Studio’s Potential with the New Arturia AudioFuse X8 In & Out

Are you a recording producer or sound engineer looking to expand your studio’s capabilities without the hassle of complex setups and hefty costs? Look no further. The new AudioFuse X8 In & Out are here to revolutionize your audio experience.

Introducing the AudioFuse X8 In & Out

The AudioFuse X8 In & Out are essential tools for any professional studio setup, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing ADAT-equipped audio interfaces. These expanders offer high-quality analog inputs and outputs, making them a must-have for a variety of professional application.

Why Choose AudioFuse X8?

1. Efficient Expansion
* The X8 In provides 8 additional analog line inputs via ADAT.
* The X8 Out offers 8 DC coupled outputs via ADAT.
* These units enhance your audio setup’s connectivity without adding unnecessary cost and clutter.
2. Professional Audio Quality
* Both units support 8 channels of premium analog to ADAT conversion (and vice versa) up to 96 kHz.
* The X8 In uses AKM AD converters, and the X8 Out uses Cirrus Logic DA converters.
* Ensures your recordings and outputs maintain the highest fidelity with top-notch components.
3. Versatile Installation
* Designed as half-sized rack units with removable rack ears.
* Can be used as desktop units or mounted in a standard rack setup, accommodating up to two units side by side for expanded setups.
4. Ease of Use
* Front-panel controls provide direct access to channel management.
* Colorful VU meters offer clear visual feedback for monitoring levels, making setup and adjustments straightforward.
Main Features
* X8 In: 8x analog inputs to ADAT
* X8 Out: 8x DC coupled outputs
* Word clock input on BNC
* 24-bit latest generation AKM AD and Cirrus Logic DA converters up to 96 kHz sampling rate
* Robust half 1-U rack chassis
* Assembly kit included to rack two AudioFuse X8 units


Elevate your studio’s potential with the Arturia AudioFuse X8 In & Out. With their professional audio quality, versatile installation options, and user-friendly design, these expanders are the perfect solution for any recording producer or sound engineer looking to expand their connectivity efficiently and affordably.
Get ready to transform your audio experience with the AudioFuse X8 In & Out—your ultimate tools for seamless studio expansion.