We are excited to announce that Streetwise Sales is now representing key Proel MI brands throughout the East Coast region of the US, adding to our mission of offering our retail partners a comprehensive range of high-quality audio solutions. Proel is renowned for its innovation, performance, and reliability across various segments of the audio industry.

About Proel: A Brief History and Italian Heritage

Founded in 1991 in Sant’Omero, Italy, Proel has grown to become a leading manufacturer of professional audio, lighting, and musical instruments. Drawing on Italy’s rich cultural heritage, Proel integrates traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technological advancements to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Over the past three decades, Proel has been committed to providing high-quality products that combine advanced technology with innovative design. The company has continually expanded its product offerings, making significant strides in the global market. Today, Proel’s extensive portfolio includes a wide range of audio equipment and musical instruments that cater to both professional and amateur users.

Italian Design and Innovation

Italy is renowned for its design excellence, and Proel embodies this tradition by focusing on both the visual and functional aspects of its products. Each item is meticulously crafted to not only deliver superior performance but also to reflect the elegance and sophistication associated with Italian design. Proel’s commitment to innovation ensures that their products stay at the forefront of technology, offering cutting-edge solutions for modern audio needs.

The Proel Family of Brands

Known for their outstanding sound systems, Proel Sound offers an extensive range of products including speakers, microphones, and mixers that are engineered to deliver superior audio performance.

Specializing in percussion instruments, Tamburo provides a wide array of drums and accessories that cater to both professional musicians and enthusiasts. Their products are designed to offer unmatched quality and precision, and they are proudly made in Italy.

Dexibell is dedicated to producing state-of-the-art digital pianos and keyboards. Their instruments combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to deliver exceptional sound and playability, and they are proudly made in Italy.

Diehard offers a robust lineup of audio accessories and cables. Known for their durability and reliability, Diehard products are essential for ensuring seamless connections and superior performance in any audio setup.

Eikon provides professional-grade microphones and headphones designed for various applications, from studio recording to live performances. Their products are celebrated for their clarity, accuracy, and comfort.

Why Professionals Choose Proel

    • Unmatched Quality: Proel brands are dedicated to producing top-tier audio equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.
    • Innovative Technology: Each brand under Proel leverages the latest technology to provide audio solutions that are both advanced and user-friendly.
    • Comprehensive Solutions: Whether you need equipment for live performances, recording studios, or large-scale installations, Proel MI brands offer a wide array of products to meet every need.
    • Reliability and Durability: Proel’s commitment to excellence ensures that their products are built to last, providing reliable performance even in the most demanding environments.

Join the Proel Experience

We invite you to explore the full range of Proel MI brands and experience the difference that high-quality audio equipment can make. Stay tuned for more info to come where we will delve deeper into each brand, showcasing their unique products and features.

For more information, contact your Streetwise Sales representative and visit Proel’s websites at the links below:

https://www.proelnorthamerica.com/ – Proel North America

https://proelworld.com/  – Proel Global Site

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