26 essential audio production plugins offering musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their mixing, combining unmatched vintage gear emulations with game-changing contemporary effects.

Four new additions are included in this premium bundle offering the super popular Mellotron FX (Tape- MELLO-FI), Granular FX (Efx Fragments) and two totally recreated distortion emulations (Dist OPAMP-21) and (Dist TUBE-CULTURE) that will provide punch and grit like no other!
These even provide advanced panels that feature additional modulations outside of the original units for even more unique sound textures!

Dist TUBE-CULTURE is an enhanced software version of a modern distortion classic, bringing authentic valve-powered warmth and harmonic character to your DAW production. Crank the heat in your mixes with studio-grade saturation and crunch in a few clicks.

Efx FRAGMENTS is a software effect that allows you to divide, transform, and rebuild any sound by unlocking the power of granular processing. Instantly elevate any project with glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and beyond.

Dist OPAMP-21 is a distortion and saturation effect inspired by a guitar pedal cult classic, known for its direct amp-like sound. Add mix-cutting punch, harmonic color, and pure aggression to any sound with a certified studio legend enhanced for DAW production.

Tape MELLO-FI is an easy-to-use plugin that brings instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth to any sound. Use its straightforward preamp, modulation and filter/output sections to sprinkle sublime lo-fi vibes over any sounds.

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