Headliner – Protect Your Gear With Headliner Cases Video

Headliner offers support solutions for creators and performers. Whether in the studio, on stage, or on the road, their products help you protect, setup, and maintain your gear so you can focus on what you do best, create and perform

The Headliner line-up includes:

  • DJ Booths
  • Equipment Cases
    • DJ Controllers
    • Turntables
    • CDJs
    • Mixers
  • Laptop/Tablet Stands
  • Equipment Stands
    • Laptop/DJ Controller
    • CDJs/Mixer

Flight Cases  features include:

  • Low-profile design for ease of use and transportation
  • 3/8” (9mm) plywood with rugged hexagon laminate construction
  • Heavy-duty steel ball corners
  • Recessed spring-loaded padded handles; Recessed butterfly latches with padlock staples
  • Heavy-duty wheels; Rubber feet
  • Easy locking tongue and groove lid
  • 1” high-density foam interior lining; Foam pads under lid to protect jog wheels and display
  • Interior space for cable management

Pro-Fit™ Case features include:

  • Lightweight molded EVA
  • Water-resistant polyester exterior shell
  • All-Metal Hooks and Latches
  • Hefty zippers and comfortable carrying handles
  • Compatible with Decksaver polycarbonate covers

The benefits of support solutions by Headliner include:

  • Protects your investment
  • Professional appearance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily transported

Headliner is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Mixware, interested dealers should contact their Streetwise Rep for more info.

Additional cases from Headliner below:

Decksaver – New Models For 2021

Founded in 2008 in the industrial heartland of Leeds, United Kingdom, Decksaver set out to solve the eternal problem surrounding music gear – how to protect expensive units from damage in demanding club, studio, stage and home environments. In the following years, our products quickly became the industry standard in elite clubbing establishments across the globe – such as Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Space, Pacha and Amnesia. Utilising over 50 years’ experience in the plastics industry, our covers are all manufactured under one roof in Great Britain – using only the highest grade polycarbonate.

The tools we use to compose and produce music are dear to our hearts. Dust, liquid and accidental impact have taken many a good unit down over the years – this is where Decksaver steps in. Precision trimmed for perfect fit whilst accommodating cables, so your gear can sit ready for operation. Slides straight into a flight or soft case for maximum protection during transportation. Shields delicate controls and internal components from damage at home, on the road and on stage.

  • Engineered specifically for a perfect fit. 
  • Protects against dust, liquid and impacts.
  • Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.
  • Low profile design enables compatibility with most flight cases and travel bags.
  • Over 160 popular equipment models to choose from.
  • Cat resistant

Decksaver is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Mixware, interested dealers should contact their Streetwise Rep for more info.


The latest offerings from Decksaver 2021:

Click the yellow link for the full product listing.

AIAIAI – x Ninja Tune Recycled Vinyl Headphones

AIAIAI x Ninja Tune

We have teamed up with Ninja Tune, to develop a custom TMA-2 Headphone made from recycled vinyl. This is a creative project with legendary UK record label Ninja Tune, formed in London in 1990 and widely recognized as one of the world’s leading independent record labels etching its story into the pages of ground-breaking British music. This project exemplifies our joint vision of doing things better. With a creative approach to sustainability and through experimentation, we continuously focus on reducing our impact on the planet.


The TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition is a collaboration with legendary UK label Ninja Tune, and features speaker units made from recycled Ninja Tune vinyl.

The headphones have a customized, detailed and rich sound representation based on our Bio-Cellulose S05 drivers. It comes with the comfortable choice of both on-ear and over-ear vegan leather cushions, and 20 hours of high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth 5.0, making it ideal for long and critical listening sessions.


“For Ninja Tune as a label, we are keen to not only celebrate the past but also mark our intentions going forward both sonically and ethically.”

“We are keenly aware of the need to explore more ecological and earth positive means of manufacturing. To continue to exist as an industry we need to place these topics at the forefront of discussions & decisions. This collaboration is not the final answer but more so an example of how working towards greener solutions can lead to innovative and exciting results. This project is an opportunity to continue to shine a light on an increasingly pressing global issue”

You can check out a brief clip on the vinyl grinding process below:

Interested dealers should contact their Streetwise Rep for more info or click the button below.

ColorKey – TrussPar QUAD 3 GO

Trusspar QUAD 3 GO – ColorKey

Battery powered LED lighting fixture

The ColorKey TrussPar QUAD 3 GO is a battery powered LED lighting fixture. It features 3x10W RGBW LEDs. Its triangular shape enables it to fit perfectly inside truss legs, creating a vibrant warming effect. From a full charge, the TrussPar QUAD 3 GO will give you over six hours of use with all colors, and up to 15 hours when using only a single LED color!

Easily control the fixture through the included IR remote, DMX512, or manually with the on-board menu display. There are four stand-alone modes – fade, chase, static color, and sound active – each with a number of built-in programs. The stand-alone “Sound to Dimmer” mode on this fixture is unique, as it uses the light’s digital dimmer to pulse in sync to the beat of the music. You have to see it in action to appreciate the effect, but when you do, it’s sure to be a go-to at events to come.

Power in and out for permanent installations, and can also be charged while the light is in use.


• Battery powered tri-par truss warming fixture
• 15 hours of battery life on a single color, 6 hours with all colors
• 3x10W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White)
• 16˚ beam angle
• 5/9 DMX channels
• Digital dimmer and strobe
• DMX 512 Control, Master/Slave, Auto, Sound to Dimmer Mode
• IR Remote included
• Power consumption: 110W
• Power supply: AC100-240V;50-60Hz
• IEC Power In/Out
• Up to 50,000 hours lamp life
• 10mm thread for C-clamp
• IP 20 rated
• Dimensions: 4.3” x 4.3” x 5.3” (110 x 110 x 135 mm)
• Weight: 1.8 Lb (0.8kg)

ColorKey is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Mixware, interested dealers should contact their Streetwise Rep for more info.

Icon – Platform Nano Air Wireless DAW Controller

Platform Nano Air – Icon Pro Audio

Wireless MIDI/audio control surface with motorized fader for production

The new Platform Nano Air by Icon Pro Audio is a MIDI control surface for producers, engineers, musicians and home studio enthusiasts who want hands on control of their modern “in the box” digital music production with a small footprint. The Platform Nano DAW Controller, adds tactile control with a single motorized fader via USB 3.0 or Bluetooth wireless to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and production system. With one (1) full sized motorized fader, four (4) rotary dual-function encoder knobs, backlit buttons for Mute, Solo, Automation and Transport control, a jog wheel, and access to your entire mix by banking across tracks in groups of 8 or 1 channel at a time. Mackie Control and HUI protocols provide seamless integration with most popular Digital Audio Workstations.

Overlays for Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic, Reason, Studio One, Bitwig, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Digital Performer, Sonar, Samplitude and Reaper come standard with your controller. Bitwig Studio 8-Track is included.

For optimal track and parameter monitoring, we recommend you use Platform Nano with the optional Platform D3 display.

  • 2.4G (Generation 4.0) wireless module built-in
  • 1 touch-sensitive motorized fader with 10-bit resolution
  • Extremely compact, durable and versatile
  • Customize the perfect setup with a variety of Platform extension modules
  • Backlit LCD to display channel name, control values etc. for each channel
  • 1 + 4 dual-function encoder knobs (Rotate and enter)
  • 11-segment LED surrounding the encoders to indicate the rotating position for the main knob control
  • 12-segment LED display showing time or location of your project in either SMPTE or Midi beat clock (bars, beats, ticks) format
  • Jog wheel shuttle for fast search, scrub and control
  • 8 color-coded function buttons coordinate with
  • 5 different color layers for switching a variety of function controls
  • Illuminated buttons for channel control including Mute, Solo and Record
  • 6 illuminated transport buttons including Play, Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast Forward and Loop
  • Illuminated “Zoom” buttons with 2 directional keys (Left/Right & Up/Down) used in combination with the jog wheel
  • 2 illuminated “Track” buttons for easy selection of individual channels
  • 2 illuminated “Bank” buttons for shifting
  • 8-channels at a time
  • Supports Universal Mackie Control and HUI protocols for seamless integration with most compatible music production software
  • The most popular DAW overlays are included – Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Samplitude, Reaper, Studio One, Bitwig, Reason, ProTools, Sonar, Audition, Ableton Live and User Define Mode
  • Bitwig Studio 8-Track DAW is included.
  • iMapTM software included for easy mapping of MIDI functions
  • USB 3.0 high speed connectivity
  • Firmware upgrade available via USB connection and iMapTM software
  • BlueTooth wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery
  • User A & User B 1/4 inch connectors for connecting with footswitch pedals
  • 3000mAh Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery built-in for up to 5-6 hours continues operation
  • Platform D3 OLED display (Optional) connector available
  • Class-compliant with Mac OS X, Windows 10, Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Superior build quality and robust metal casing with Kensington lock port
  • Dotec audio plugins included

Icon is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Mixware, interested dealers should contact their Streetwise Rep for more info.

Phase – Serato x Phase Official Collaboration

Phase Official Serato Accessory Support

Phase is now supported as an Official Serato Accessory. Connect Phase to Serato via USB for improved accuracy, reduced latency and new features. There’s now no need for RCA cables. Available as a public beta to all Phase and Serato users with a DVS license.

How To Access And Setup

  1. Click here to access the Serato forum beta space, and log in with your Serato account.
  2. There, download the beta versions of Serato DJ Pro and Phase Manager 2.1.16
  3. Update your Phase to Firmware 6 (beta) [Firmware 6 Details & How To Update]
  4. Set up your Phase with Serato DJ Pro Beta: open Serato DJ Pro and simply connect your Receiver to your laptop via USB.
  5. In Serato DJ Pro, select the deck control mode “WIR”: this is the dedicated control mode for Phase to be used via HID, standing for “wireless”.
  6. Place your Remotes on top of your records, and as usual, wait a few seconds for the calibration to be done.

You’re ready to go!

Main Features

Plug n’Play:

From now on, Phase can be used without the need for RCA cables. Simply connect the Phase Receiver to your laptop via USB, and that’s it: Phase now communicates directly with Serato DJ Pro via HID.
Enjoy this instant setup: just a one step set up for your performance.

Improved Performance:

Using a powerful HID protocol, the communication between Phase and Serato DJ Pro is now twice as fast, reducing latency even more. It’s a 100% digital communication that offers you better accuracy and foolproof stability. Digital control has never been so close to using real records!

Custom-designed Features:

When connected to your laptop, Phase is now automatically detected by Serato DJ Pro, offering new dedicated features to enhance your experience with the USB integration.

  • New wireless deck mode: A brand-new Wireless (WIR) Serato DJ Pro mode, uniquely designed to perform with Phase. Select “WIR” in the drop-down menu to control your tracks.
  • Remotes battery level displayed: You can now monitor the level of the battery of your Remotes directly on Serato DJ Pro, just at a simple glance.
  • Emergency internal switch: in case your Remotes are running out of battery (4%),  Serato DJ Pro automatically switches from WIR to INT mode to ensure the continuity of your performance.
  • Custom-designed LED animations: The Remotes now indicate by blinking when a track is loaded, or when a track comes to the end 20 sec before the end of it (with the “Track End warning” box checked in the Serato preferences).


Keep in mind that this is a public beta version, so if you have any questions or encounter any issues, it’s important that you report it in the Serato dedicated forum.

All feedback brings the integration closer to the official release!

If you’ve been under a rock for the last few years & have no idea what Phase is,

Phase is the first wireless DJ controller for DVS. It lets you control tracks playing from a DJ software without using the turntable needles or timecode records.
Easy-to-use and intuitive, Phase offers an unprecedented communication quality and reactivity, and is completely unaffected by external disruptions or common DJ equipment issues.

Perfectly accurate – as stable as digital DJ controllers – not affected by rumble – ready to use with any DVS DJ setup. A revolution for DVS technology.

Check out DJ Jazzy Jeff explaining why it’s a game changer.

MEE Audio – Look Professional While Working From Home

MEE Audio Presents Work From Home Essentials

Over the last year we’ve all learned the importance of being able to conduct our daily business operations from home. Many of us struggle with achieving a professional sound & look for our Video Calls. MEE Audio manufactures a variety of quality, cost-effective, & user-friendly solutions to help you do just that. 

• Webcams
• Headsets
• Accessories

Arturia – Updated AudioFuse Rev 2 Now Shipping

Announcing Arturia’s Updated AudioFuse Rev2 audio interface. NOW SHIPPING!

Included with every Fuse interface, AudioFuse Creative Suite is an ever-evolving collection of software effects and instruments, to aid the virtual stage of your creative process. Whether it’s mixing, mastering, or a last-minute surge of inspiration, this collection makes the cut.

What’s included?

Enjoy 10 titles, from circuit-accurate classic preamp emulations to cutting-edge softsynth presets.

• Analog Lab Lite

• Pre 1973

• Pre V76

• Pre TridA

• Comp FET-76

• Delay TAPE-201

• Filter MINI

• Rev PLATE-140

• Chorus JUN-6 (NEW)

• Phaser BI-TRON (NEW)

AudioFuse Rev2

Fusing superior sound with mobile interface flexibility.

A compact, portable audio solution for the musician who needs to capture sound wherever inspiration strikes – at home, in the studio, or on the move.

• 14 x 14 desktop audio interface
• 2 x DiscretePRO® preamps
• MIDI in / out
• ADAT expandable
• Premium 24-bit AD/DA conversion
• Micro USB connectivity

Thronmax – USB Microphones Overview Video

On this episode of Word on the Street, we take a look at Thronmax USB microphones & accessories. They’re an excellent affordable option for anyone that wants easily improve the audio quality of their recordings. Perfect for music, streaming, podcast, conference calls & even gaming.

Featuring microphones:


Featured accessories:


If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, check out our dealer locator for a list of recommended authorized retailers:

Arturia – V Collection 8

Arturia’s New V-Collection 8, is a huge upgrade from V-Collection 7

*featuring FOUR new incredible synths.

• The iconic Emulator II V sampler
• The Vocoder V (made famous by Daft Punk)
• The Jun-O6 V  (one of the top selling synths of all time)
• The classic OB-Xa V as in “Jump”.  

Easier than ever. New, improved, fun.
Every new instrument in V Collection 8 has had its workflow upgraded. Enjoy 4 new control macros, a smart new browser, step-by-step integrated tutorials, and a fresh selection of sounds for the ultimate streamlined creative process.
Also included
 – a massive facelift to the Stage 73V and Jup-8V4, as well as a whole NEW, redesigned Analog Lab V GUI and user experience


• A brand new, more streamlined interface, improved instrument/preset browsing, enhanced FX performance, thousands of newly curated presets.

• The perfect dusty lo-fi sampling toolkit, combining the original Emulator’s digital grit that you love with the cutting-edge creative flexibility that you need. 

• The iconic 16-band vocoder expanded with advanced synth, sampler, and modulation capabilities, offering a powerful edge to any production. 

• The legendary easy-to-use polysynth with an irresistible creamy sound that stirs the soul, with iconic chorus and enhanced modulation for the richest chords and arps. 

• Faithful to the fat, aggressive sound of the original and supercharged with new features, OB-Xa V will take you on a wild sonic ride. 

• The legendary polyphonic flagship responsible for some of the most awe-inspiring sounds of all time, reborn with a colossal new sound engine. 

• The original electric piano superpower, re-energized with a new physical modeling engine, an authentic pedal & amp rig, advanced tonal customizations, and more.