_Arturia introduces FX Collection 4 with upgrades & new plugins

FX Collection 4 represents a massive upgrade to Arturia’s acclaimed suite of production plugins, geared towards offering a curated variety of the most premium sounds, the most authentic emulations, and the most exciting creative features for today’s producers.

Now including a total of 30 effects, over 1000 presets, enhanced controls & interfaces, and an array of compatibility & accessibility features, FX Collection 4 goes beyond mixing and mastering to incorporate effects into the creative workflow like never before.

_Only the finest effects

FX Collection 4 is designed as a focused, handpicked selection of the best effects for any sound, style, or technique. Between classic studio staples, precise audio enhancers, and wildly experimental tools, it’s the perfect balance between concise and versatile for today’s producers.

_Authentic, musical, and more

Going beyond simple mixing & mastering tools, each plugin in FX Collection 4 is designed to form part of the creative process, injecting character, color, and musicality into any project – allowing creatives to truly explore and experiment with their sound

_Peak production workflow

Whether it’s unmatched modeling of sought-after vintage compressors, enhancing classic pedals with expanded controls, or propelling distortion into futuristic sound design territory, FX Collection 4 offers the modern flexibility and ease of use that users need for a fluid DAW workflow.

_Key features

FX Collection 4 now includes 30 titles, including distortion, modulation, granular, mix bus, compression, delay,
reverb, preamps, and filters.
From vintage to modern: FX Collection 4 combines classic studio emulations with brand new & experimental
Over 1000 factory presets: find the subtle adjustments or dramatic mix effects you need in seconds, with
presets built into each effect.
In-app tutorials: learn every effect and parameter in detail, with tailored tips to get the most out of any sound.
The slickest workflow: enjoy intuitive preset browsing, low-latency performance, and streamlined GUIs to
make your production process easier than ever.
Compatibility: full NKS VST3 support, compatible with Apple M1 processors
Accessibility: real-time text-to-speech feedback on presets, parameters, and values for visually-impaired users.
Hi-res 4K interfaces

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