Discover the New Arturia Polybrute 12: A Synthesis Powerhouse

Arturia has just unveiled their latest synthesizer, the Polybrute 12, the newest addition to their renowned Brute family. This instrument stands out as their most ambitious analog creation yet, offering double the voice count of the original Polybrute. It’s perfect for crafting deep soundscapes and rich, lush textures. All the beloved features of the original are retained: three oscillators per voice, a dual filter architecture with Steiner and ladder filters for each voice, three envelopes, three LFOs, delay and reverb effects, and the intricate modulation matrix.

Morphing Capabilities and New Innovations

The groundbreaking morphing functionality of the Polybrute continues in the Polybrute 12, enabling seamless transitions between different parameter settings. The Morphée 3D touch controller and ribbon controller also remain, allowing for expressive and dynamic performance capabilities. But the Polybrute 12 isn’t just a repeat of its predecessor—it introduces some remarkable new features.

Introducing FullTouch Keyboard Technology

The Polybrute 12 debuts Arturia’s innovative FullTouch keyboard technology, revolutionizing the expressiveness and control of synthesizer keyboards. While it might sound like just another polyphonic aftertouch feature, FullTouch brings a lot more to the table. This technology allows for multiple layers of polyphonic expression, making the keyboard more sensitive and responsive than ever before. When combined with the extensive modulation matrix, it opens up new realms of sonic exploration and creativity.

FullTouch: A Leap in Keyboard Technology

Traditionally, synthesizer keys act as simple on/off switches, with velocity sensing based on the speed of key presses and aftertouch only activating once a key is fully depressed. Arturia’s FullTouch technology changes this by detecting continuous vertical displacement and pressure across the entire range of key travel. This allows for a broader and more nuanced range of expression, right from the initial touch.

Modes of FullTouch

The Polybrute 12 offers several distinct modes of FullTouch:
1. Monophonic aftertouch: Traditional single-note aftertouch.
2. Polyphonic aftertouch: Independent aftertouch response for each key.
3. FullTouch AT: Immediate aftertouch response across the full key travel.
4. FullTouch AT>Z: A two-layer aftertouch with haptic feedback, providing separate modulation sources.
5. FullTouch Env>AT: Combining envelope and aftertouch controls for intricate modulation.
In FullTouch AT mode, notes trigger at the slightest touch, with aftertouch responding instantly across the key’s travel. FullTouch AT>Z mode adds a second layer of pressure-based modulation, activating a new modulation source called Z beyond a certain point, offering even more expressive control.

A New Era of Expression

Arturia’s FullTouch technology represents a significant advancement in keyboard expressiveness. By allowing continuous detection of key travel and incorporating multiple layers of pressure sensitivity, the Polybrute 12 offers an unprecedented level of control and nuance. This innovative approach is poised to inspire new playing techniques and sonic possibilities, making it an exciting tool for musicians and composers alike.
In conclusion, the Polybrute 12 not only builds on the robust foundation of its predecessor but also introduces groundbreaking features that push the boundaries of analog synthesis. If you’re seeking a richly expressive, polyphonic analog synthesizer with vast potential for creative sound design, the Polybrute 12 is a worthy addition to your arsenal.

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