DAS Audio’s newest line of sound solutions, the Quantum systems feature outstanding speech intelligibility along with aluminum (tops) and wood (subwoofer) enclosures available in a range of sizes and colors. With passive systems Q-3-T, Q-23-T, Q-43-T, and Q-10, and an active system, the Q-10A, the new Q-Series is designed for small- to medium-sized installations, venues with complex acoustics, and as frontfill and under-balcony sound reinforcement.

The Quantum Series is designed as the ideal solution for fixed-installs with complex acoustics because of the systems’ “vertical coverage” technology, making them the perfect choice for responding to a variety of challenges that venues pose, delivering outstanding speech intelligibility and excellent music reproduction as a result. The series was designed with restaurants, museums, hotels, cultural centers, conference rooms, shopping centers, and stations in mind, and availability in a range of colors means the systems can either play a prominent role in the décor or blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

The Q-3, Q-23, and Q-43 measure 10.5 x 12.6 x 12.5 cm, 18.8 x 12.6 x 12.5 cm, and 35.4 x 12.6 x 12.5 cm respectively, are manufactured with an aluminum enclosure, and can incorporate the IP-54 kit when required. Available in any RAL color (minimum order of units required).

The Q-3 has two operating modes (voice and music) that guarantee superb sound in any acoustic environment. The Q-23 and Q-43 have a system-integrated filter that makes it possible to control the system’s vertical dispersion lobe by 70º/90º and 30º/45º, respectively, thus managing and reducing the reverb.

The Q-10 (passive) and Q-10A (active) are subwoofers with a 40 Hz – 200 Hz frequency range, designed in an ultra-compact, low-profile birch plywood enclosure available in black or white. The Q-10A system is equipped with a Class D switched-mode amplifier, with two signal inputs, variable low-pass filter, and parameter adjustment (deep/loud) with DAScontrol technology. Low frequency clarity and reproduction make this an unbeatable system for delivering outstanding music reproduction.

To ensure peak system performance, reliability, and durability, DAS Audio recommends that only its electronics be used with this series. The DSP-226 digital processor and both versions of the IA amplifier (400 watts and 1000 watts) are the perfect match for the Quantum Series.

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