Some foresee accidents and others react once it’s too late.

Decksaver Gamer Edition keyboard covers are designed with the discerning gamer in mind.

The new Decksaver GE covers offers the ultimate peace of mind against dust, fluids and instances such as accidental impact – allowing you to stay in the game.

Made from patented smoked/clear polycarbonate, our push-fit covers fit like a glove and can take any punishment thrown at them.

Decksaver GE covers are low profile and form-fitted to the contours of gaming hardware, allowing them to fit snugly in most travel bags – protecting vulnerable keys, switches, LEDs and buttons on the road.

Designed with allowances for USB connections, our streamlined cover allows you to leave your keyboard plugged and ready to play.

Gaming keyboards sit at the very crux of your setup, one misplaced drink and its game over. Stay connected and don’t let silly accidents ruin your hardware.

FOMO on the action? We’ve got it covered.

Give your gear a #dustfreelife

Currently Availiable In 11 Of Your Favorite Keyboard Models

 Interested dealers, contact the Streetwise Sales team for more information.

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