Fremont, CA… Arista Corporation, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV MultiViewers, and related products for the AV installation and industrial markets, introduces the E-Vocal Duo Audio over IP product group. Initially announced as part of the Apollo Series, the E-Vocal Duo product group consists of three products: the ARS-0200-A00 analog audio to Dante interface, the ARS-0002-A00 Dante to analog audio interface, and the ARS-0002-A01 interface, which facilitates Lip-Sync delay to enable sound and picture to be synchronized.


The E-Vocal Duo ARS-0200-A00 2-channel analog audio to Dante interface makes it easy to connect one’s legacy audio gear to a Dante networked audio system. This product allows two channels of analog audio to be integrated into a Dante network.

Opposite in function to the E-Vocal Duo ARS-0200-A00, the E-Vocal Duo ARS-0002-A00 converts a Dante stream into two channels of analog audio signal. This interface is handy when, for example, a stereo feed of the performance is needed to feed a conventional sound reinforcement system or is to be recorded.

Arista’s E-Vocal Duo ARS-0002-A01 allows two audio signal outputs of Lip-Sync delay of up to 170 ms/ch (fs = 48 kHz) to synchronize the audio stream to the video stream. The delay control switch can add delay in the range of 0~170ms by 32 increments. The E-Vocal Duo ARS-0002-A01 uses XLR analog outputs.

Arista’s E-Vocal Duo products share a rich feature set. This includes being AES67 compliant, using high resolution 24-bit analog to digital conversion, and they can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 5VDC via a Micro USB connector. As Dante-enabled devices, the E-Vocal Duo products deliver bit-perfect audio reproduction and offer super-low latency and sample-accurate synchronization across the entire network. As Dante-enabled products, the E-Vocal Duo products make it easy to use one’s legacy audio gear with any Dante-connected system—delivering the interoperability, performance and scalability that only networking can bring.

Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the company’s new E-Vocal Duo Dante-enabled interfaces. “The E-Vocal Duo interfaces offer a rich feature set, plug and play simplicity, and are a great solution for integrating legacy audio equipment into a Dante networked audio environment. They make a great choice for both installed and location sound applications. I’m confident both audio and video technicians will find these interfaces an exceptional value.”

For pricing and availability on Arista’s E-Vocal Duo Audio over IP product group, please contact your Streetwise Sales representative.

About Arista Corporation

Arista offers products for a variety of professional audio-visual markets, including events, retail, residential, education, government, healthcare, and control rooms. Networked AV over IP has forever changed the dynamics of the pro AV industry by enabling installers and system integrators to replace proprietary AV matrix switches with off-the-shelf Ethernet networks that deliver dramatically better price/performance, flexibility, and scalability. Arista focuses on this market trend and has invested considerable resources on developing and expanding its networked AV over IP product families to help customers achieve their goals with the latest technology products. To learn more Arista Corporation, visit

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