Follow Charlie on an extensive guided tour of Efx FRAGMENTS, exploring its captivating sound shaping capabilities, instant creative spark, and sublime enhanced features.
About  Efx FRAGMENTS – Granular Processor

At its most basic level, granular synthesis involves splitting a sound into parts – ‘grains’ – and using them in creative ways.
You can change the size of the grains, the amount of space between them, their pitch, their playback behavior – the list goes on.
The resulting sound is both highly recognizable and wholly unique to granular. Frozen timbres from smooth & transparent to sharp & brittle; rainfall delay that drenches any mix; dense clouds of reverberating sonic texture; cascading modulations that turn a short sound into an endless flow.
Once you’ve experienced Efx FRAGMENTS’ unique interpretation of granular processing, you’ll never look back.
Here are some amazing new features on Efx FRAGMENTS:
Glitch & stutter
Build tension and sprinkle variety into your beats, compositions, and soundscapes with dramatic stop-start stutters, pitch-shifted fluctuations, and reality-shattering glitches. Slice sounds rhythmically or go totally off-grid for true sonic chaos.
Rhythmic variations
Efx FRAGMENTS listens to the rhythm of your track and can respond in a number of creative ways. Make every grain of sound respond to your tempo for glitchy beats, fractured rhythmic textures, flowing percussive sequences, and more.
Textural enhancement
Whether you want to add sparkling character, or just make something ‘feel’ better in a mix, immediately excite and accentuate any instrument stem, loop, or vocal part with the ethereal sound of granular processing, complete with built-in mix-ready FX.

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