After years of development, the Grado pads are now available in three styles which make up the first entries in the brand new Custom Series. Meant to host pads that feature unique design choices that place them outside of our usual Elite or Choice series, the Custom series is where you’ll see the design and testing philosophy of Dekoni shine bright.
All three styles of grado pads use a fast rebounding foam to help the pad maintain its shape and provide ample padding for your ears, with the velour inner face gently caresses the side of your head to maximize comfort.

The outer face of the pad uses either solid sheepskin, fenestrated sheepskin or velour for a variety of tuning options.

About Dekoni Audio:

Dekoni Audio is here to make your headphone experience more comfortable, and improve isolation and sound stage, so you can just sit back, listen, and enjoy.

Your beats, your music, your life. From basic replacement pads (Earpadz Line) to our premium Platinum, Choice and Elite Series, Dekoni Audio uses ultra dense memory foam, wrapped in the finest leathers and velours (both authentic and synthetic), to bring you an enhanced and more enjoyable listening experience.

Interested dealers, contact the Streetwise Sales team for more information.

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