Keylab Essential 88 MK 3

Full-size universal Midi controller

Take command of your sounds, and perform like you’ve always dreamed of. KeyLab Essential 88 is an intuitive, powerful, carefully crafted controller with a full size keyboard that invites you to unleash your creative flow with note-spanning flair.  Whether you’re a beginner piano player or producer, an experienced music maker, or anyone in between, unlock your creative potential with the full-reach of an 88 key MIDI controller that fits seamlessly into any workflow.

One-size fits all

Whether you are seeking your first keyboard to kick-start a piano playing and production journey, or you simply want the freedom of having every key at hand in your studio or stage setup – KeyLab Essential 88 meets the needs of professional performers and beginner keyboardists alike.

All the sounds you need

Enjoy next-level control over your DAW projects & plugins as well as seamless communication with Analog Lab and a bundle of pro creative software to supercharge your creativity – all in one.

Quickly inspire new ideas

KeyLab Essential 88 doesn’t just help you play & navigate your projects – it’s also built to inspire. Summon catchy melodies, curious rhythms, and moving chord sequences with its array of creative features, and see where it can take your sound.

That quality feeling

You want the feeling of a premium instrument, the flexibility of a top-class controller, and all-round ease-of-use. KeyLab Essential’s semi-weighted keybed and smart layout puts it all at your fingertips.

Control any DAW

Enjoy plug-and-play connectivity and ready-mapped controls with your DAW of choice. KeyLab Essential doesn’t just feature familiar MCU & HUI compatibility; it also has custom scripts for major DAWs meaning next-level integration.

Customize your workflow

KeyLab Essential easily adapts to your creative needs; recall your favorite ’liked’ presets from Analog Lab, navigate your custom-made playlists, activate custom User programs for your own control assignments, and more.

At one with Analog Lab

Turn Analog Lab into a hardware synth and get hands-on with your sound thanks to KeyLab Essential’s seamlessly mapped controls. Adjust sound parameters, tweak FX, and browse presets without ever needing to touch your computer.


As comfortable for performance as it is for studio beat-making, KeyLab Essential’s semi-weighted keybed is smooth & responsive, complemented by the familiar Pitch & Mod wheels and Pedal input for sustain, footswitch, or expression.


Get the essential real-time info you need, from parameter values to your current preset, with a bright 2.5” display, complete with contextual buttons that make navigation effortless.


Switch between MIDI notes, clip triggering, finger-drumming, or whatever you need them to do. KeyLab Essential’s velocity & pressure-sensitive pads are even RGB color-coded so you can keep track at all times.


Get that real hands-on feeling and interact with crucial controls right where you need them, from track panning to specific instrument parameters, with full rotation encoders.


Tweak your track levels, envelope settings, selected parameters on your Arturia instruments, and more with ultra-smooth faders at your fingertips.

DAW controls

Instantly switch from sculpting your synth sounds to piloting your DAW project with KeyLab Essential’s dedicated DAW controls, so you’re in control at all times. Its custom integration scripts even ensure that the most crucial controls work perfectly, whatever DAW you’re using.

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