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KeyLab Essential mk3 is the all-round MIDI controller decorated in a limited edition all-white, perfect for producers wanting an ultra-clean
and contemporary look for their setup. With seamless workflow integration, performance controls, versatile pads and a bundle of world-class
creative software and sounds, KeyLab Essential mk3 is the go-to controller for beginners and pros alike.

Essential Controller Minimalist Design

Discover a MIDI controller that breaks down all the barriers between you, your DAW, and your perfect sound, decorated with a lush modern aesthetic to elevate any setup.

Limited-edition all-white design

For producers & musicians wanting a fresh modern look for their setup, KeyLab Essential features a striking all-white enclosure and keys, complemented by colorful RGB pads.

Seamless workflow integration

Your favorite synth sounds, your DAW transport, and your mixing desk all in one. Enjoy next-level control over your sounds & DAW projects as well as seamless communication with Analog Lab, and other pro software to supercharge your sound.

Inspiring, easy to use

KeyLab Essential doesn’t just help you play & navigate your projects – it’s also built to inspire. Summon catchy melodies, curious rhythms, and moving chord sequences with its array of creative features.

Creative software included

On top of an all-round MIDI controller, users get a suite of premium music-making software and sounds, including an industry-standard DAW, Analog Lab V and other timeless instruments.

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