PolyBrute is more than a synthesizer –

it’s an all-powerful 61-key 6-voice polysynth, with stereo dual-filter architecture, near-infinite tactile modulation capabilities, seamless sound-morphing, and never-before-seen expressive controls.

The 6-voice pure analog PolyBrute builds on award-winning technology and sound to deliver the polysynth you’ve been waiting for. PolyBrute has an expansive morphing architecture and a solid, expressive 61-key range that’ll take your sound where no synth has gone before.

Evolution of the Brute
PolyBrute’s panel has knobs and switches delivering the immediate satisfaction of real-time tactile control over your entire analog domain. Each pure analog voice is a feature-packed sonic power tool featuring two highly versatile Brute waveshaping VCOs, a full-spectrum noise generator, enhanced Steiner multimode filter, custom lowpass ladder filter, 3 LFOs, 3 Envelope Generators, and more. They all meet up in the Matrix to bring you patching flexibility normally reserved for modular systems. Use PolyBrute’s 6 voices polyphonically or in splits and layers – and stack them in Unison mode when you want to peel the paint off the walls. The sum total is an endless palette of sounds ranging from beauty to beast.

Morph or modulate?
Imagine being able to smoothly sweep all parameters at once. PolyBrute goes even further, with each preset existing in two states simultaneously – and a dedicated Morph knob that lets you seamlessly morph between them, revealing an infinite continuum of inspiring new sounds in between. Great-feeling pitch and multifunction wheels provide familiar expressivity, with the flexibility of parameter assignment. There’s even an assignable touch-sensitive strip immediately above the keyboard ready for you to slip, slide and tap. Arguably at the heart of this expressive performability is the Morphée three-dimensional touchpad. This revolutionary feature offers 3-axis control over patch morphing, sequence/arpeggiator randomization, or up to 32 assigned Matrix modulations per axis – adding a unique human touch. Finally, PolyBrute is supercharged with expansive modulation functions. Say no to static basslines and monotonous chord voicings; use 3 LFOs and 3 Envelope Generators to inject organic movement and dynamics like never before.

Enter the matrix
Instant access to 768 presets. No menus, no waiting – just like everything else on PolyBrute. The Matrix is the digital brain to PolyBrute’s analog heart; a flexible, hands-on interface with multiple functions that can be tailored to your performing, recording, or composing needs. In Mods mode, the Matrix button grid is a digital patchbay, letting you easily route any of your modulation sources and controllers to influence just about any parameter you can think of. With 64 connections and up to 32 modulation destinations, you’re fully empowered for some serious synth wizardry. In Sequencer mode, the Matrix becomes a visual interface presenting everything you need to create ear-popping polyphonic sequences, arpeggios and trailblazing hybrids. In addition to notes, you can also record and replay your synth parameter changes, transforming the Sequencer into a whole new modulation source to breathe energy into your tracks and performances.

Hands-on heaven
PolyBrute puts all that analog power right up front with dedicated knobs and switches—making menu diving and memorization a thing of the past. Almost everything you touch also generates MIDI, so you can capture your every move as part of your DAW productions. Need some instant attitude? Crank up the enhanced Steiner filter’s Brute Factor. Want to change the cutoff on both filters at once? Grab the Master Cutoff knob. Time to shake the foundation? Dial in VCO 2’s sub-oscillator. It’s all right there in front of you. To complete the classic look, a set of optional wooden legs are available.

Step back, leap forward
PolyBrute comes armed with powerful sequencing and arpeggiation abilities. Use the Matrix in Sequencer mode to fire up a 64-step sequence, step away from the keys, and focus on real-time modulation and dynamic tweaking. Add velocity, accents, slides, and randomization for sequence that evolves and responds to every musical nuance. Instantly generate animated arpeggios with multiple musical directions, optionally repeated in higher octaves. Go further with the Matrix Arpeggiator mode, with a hybrid 16-step framework that lets you generate complex arpeggiated textures – a whole new realm of assisted performance!

Polyphony in stereo
For a polysynth to truly shine, depth simply isn’t enough – width is a necessity. PolyBrute features left and right unbalanced 1/4″ jacks for your master stereo audio output – with functions specifically designed to make the most of the stereo field. Stereo displacement of voices can be controlled in the output section. This subtly pans each of the 6 voices left and right to varying degrees, allowing you to swing from a focused centralized sound, to a larger-than-life immersive width. In addition, the dual filter design can be routed in parallel, resulting in a discrete stereo sound. In this mode, the left and right channels can have different evolving sounds that be manipulated with the morphing features. Finally, a built-in array of high-quality digital effects adds the finishing touch to your patches in full stereo fashion. We’ve included favorite algorithms from our critically acclaimed software FX Collection, along with some new reverbs and delays to take advantage of PolyBrute’s stereo architecture. Better still, you can modulate certain effects’ parameters with the mod matrix for animated space and texture that’s out of this world.

• 6-voice analog morphing polysynth
• 61-note velocity/pressure-sensitive keyboard
• 2 Brute waveshaping oscillators per voice
• Noise generator ranging from red to white noise
• Dual filter design: Steiner multimode and Dr. Bob Moog’s 24db Ladder
• Master filter control and filter FM
• 3 LFOs and 3 Envelope Generators
• Matrix interface for modulation, sequencing, and preset control
• 64 Matrix points for modular-style patching
• Each preset has 2 states, seamlessly blended with the Morph control
• Split or layer the keybed with the morphable sonic states
• Select Poly, Mono, or Unison modes for the keyboard
• Revolutionary 3-axis Morphée controller for real-time tactile expression
• Assignable ribbon controller above keybed
• Pitch wheel and assignable multi-function mod wheel
• 64-step sequencer with motion recorder and automation
• Multi-mode complex arpeggiator
• Built-in stereo digital effects including reverb, chorus, and delay
• Left and right unbalanced 1/4″ output jacks
• MIDI In, Out and Thru DIN connectivity, plus USB MIDI
• PolyBrute Connect software for Mac/PC for easy library and workflow management
• Optional wooden legs extra

Included Software
• PolyBrute Connect
• Arturia MIDI Control Center

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