Announcing Arturia’s Updated AudioFuse Rev2 audio interface. NOW SHIPPING!

Included with every Fuse interface, AudioFuse Creative Suite is an ever-evolving collection of software effects and instruments, to aid the virtual stage of your creative process. Whether it’s mixing, mastering, or a last-minute surge of inspiration, this collection makes the cut.

What’s included?

Enjoy 10 titles, from circuit-accurate classic preamp emulations to cutting-edge softsynth presets.

• Analog Lab Lite

• Pre 1973

• Pre V76

• Pre TridA

• Comp FET-76

• Delay TAPE-201

• Filter MINI

• Rev PLATE-140

• Chorus JUN-6 (NEW)

• Phaser BI-TRON (NEW)

AudioFuse Rev2

Fusing superior sound with mobile interface flexibility.

A compact, portable audio solution for the musician who needs to capture sound wherever inspiration strikes – at home, in the studio, or on the move.

• 14 x 14 desktop audio interface
• 2 x DiscretePRO® preamps
• MIDI in / out
• ADAT expandable
• Premium 24-bit AD/DA conversion
• Micro USB connectivity

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