D.A.S. Audio launches the new Altea Series of portable speakers, designed and built to offer musicians, DJs and sound providers great sounding systems that combine the latest in pro-audio engineering with great looks and an extraordinary set of user-friendly features.

The Altea 700 series is the high output range of the Altea series. Two models are available, the Altea-715A and Altea-712A, both incorporating a rugged injection molded polypropylene enclosure which provides outstanding acoustic properties while offering lightweight systems that enhance portability. The enclosure´s multi-angle design widens the range of applications, making it possible to deploy Altea systems as stage monitors without the need of additional accessories.

The Altea 700´s are powered by a cutting-edge 1500 Wpeak Class D two-channel amplifier providing extended bandwidth, wide dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion. Digital FIR filters (Finite Impulse Response) are used in the signal processing of the Altea 700 systems achieving linear phase response. The DAScontrol ™ interface, which comprises a user-configurable, quality 24-bit DSP and LCD screen, allows users to select voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ modes, delay and source mixing.

With the Altea-700 series, D.A.S. introduces DASLink ™ , the proprietary all-in-one smart device app which takes “wireless” to another dimension. With DASlink ™ , you can monitor and control numerous system functions while streaming high-definition stereo audio to Altea 700 powered systems from mobile devices giving the user unprecedented control over the systems.

For deep, powerful bass, the Altea -715A and Altea-712A use the D.A.S. 15FV4 and 12F4 loudspeakers respectively. High frequencies are handles by the FEM optimized M-28 driver with 1″ exit offering exceptionally smooth performance. The Altea-715 and Altea-712 are the passive versions designed for use with external amplification. They allow users to choose the powering option they prefer and benefit from the same enclosure features and top-of-the-line components as the Altea 700 powered versions.

Similar in design is the Altea 400 series. The Altea-415A and Altea-412A share the same high-tech enclosures of the Altea 700 Series of products. On board, an innovative Class D two channel amplifier provides a total of 800 Wpeak power. Voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ modes, delay and source mixing are achieved by way of the DAScontrol ™ interface on the rear of the cabinet.

The Altea 400 models use the renowned Mi Series loudspeakers. These professional-grade loudspeakers provide precise low frequency reproduction with excellent musicality. The high frequencies are handled by the M-32 compression driver with 1″ exit to provide exceptional overall performance. A winning combination of matched components that offer ideal characteristics for music reproduction. The Altea-415 and Altea-412 are passive systems designed for use with external amplification and an outboard DSP. They allow users to benefit from the same enclosure features and components as the Altea 400 powered versions.

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