DAS Audio of America prides itself on producing the finest audio equipment and working with their Resellers to provide a superior level of customer service. In this time of need DAS Audio of America is proud to offer a substantial ‘Instant Rebate” in preparation for Small Businesses and Artists playing music outside adjusting to capacity / distancing concerns.

DAS Audio of America Inc. announces the following Artist Relief Promotion also referred to as Sound-Outside / Altea Instant Rebate Promotion.

Valid until July 31st DAS Audio of America will offer US end-users an Instant rebate of the following Altea products:

o $75 off Altea-412A
o $100 off Altea-415A
o $125 off Altea-712A
o $150 off Altea-715A
o $150 off Altea-718A

In preparation for more outdoor use and artist required portable systems, DAS Audio of America is proud to offer a substantial ‘Instant Rebate” in preparation to playing music outside or wherever. DAS Audio wants you to know they are sharing the grief and concerns of the ever-growing Artists and Small Business Owner community. Aside from donating over 500,000 masks, to closing our factory doors for over a month and not laying-off a single employee… DAS Audio assures you, we are all going through this pandemic together; and when we all return to the stage, club, concert, bar, festival, lounge, or house party… we will rejoice together.

Take advantage of the Up to $100 rebate on all powered Altea-400 models (412A / 415A) and a Up to $150 rebate on all powered Altea-700 models (712A / 715A / 718A). These instant factory rebate is available for a limited time only. Get an unbelievable $200 off a Pair of Altea-400 series, or $300 off a pair of Altea-700 series tops or subs while supplies last!


For more information about DAS Audio’s “Sound Outside” promotion, please contact your Streetwise Sales Representative.

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