“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

– Pablo Picasso


– Inception –

In 2018, a group of skilled engineers who had developed and innovated the electronic drum category for the last 20 years decided to pursue a different path. A fluid approach to developing electronic drums was needed, after feeling the limits of working for a leading Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. A place where they could throw the constraints of cost and mass production out the window.

– Stay true to your musicality –

The greats, in any field during any era, are never swept away by the times. As EFNOTE moves toward our goals, we are dedicated to not letting specs and price dictate the path we are burning.

As tech options grow vast, we are refining ours so that you can unbox these wonderful instruments and make them sing, without needing a computer science degree. We trust that you will quickly find your voice. In other words, we chose quality over quantity to make these Sound, Look and Feel REAL.

– Philosophy –

We don’t want the middle, we want to push the edge.

EFNOTE is trying to make something to be remembered, knowing there is no instrument that will please everyone. We just want you to thoroughly enjoy using and advancing with our instruments. We apply our most unique ideas in order to recreate acoustic realism, so you can recreate your dreams.

Try for yourself and see.

For more information contact your Streetwise Sales representative or visit EF-NOTE.com


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