The new Harrison 32c Vocal Intensity Processor provides a “greatest hits” collection of features from Harrison’s analog console heritage, their AVA plugins, and their Mixbus32C workstation are now included with all iCON audio interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers and control surfaces
The Harrison 32c Vocal Intensity Processor (32c-VIP) is a voice processing plugin that offers a quick and easy way to enhance the quality of spoken voice. It can be used for editing audio recordings or for processing signals in real time.

This plugin will be available on the Harrison website for an MSRP of $89, but is also as a free download for registered users of iCON’s audio interfaces, control surfaces and MIDI keyboard controllers. 32c-VIP contains the following elements: A Leveler for controlling the dynamic range of the audio signalHarrison 32c High and Low-Pass Filters for cleaning up any unwanted frequencies.

An RTA with pre and post filter displays for visualizing the spectral characteristics of the processed signal a K-12 Meter that displays the level of overall output and helps keep the signal within the target range.A built-in limiter that prevents the output signal from clipping.
Click on the video below for an in-depth look.

Icon is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Mixware, interested dealers should contact their Streetwise Rep for more info.

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