In AIAIAI’s ongoing commitment to responsible design and tackling the issue of electronic waste, we’re excited to share with you the next stage of the AIAIAI membership program – lifetime trade-in – adding even more value to our range of headphones. 


With our lifetime trade-in service, customers can trade in any used or non-functional TMA-1 or TMA-2 headphones or components, no matter when they purchased them, and receive credit towards their next AIAIAI purchase. 

Our modular product design means customers can swap out a part of their headphone or trade in the entire thing, maximizing the value of their headphones and minimizing their environmental impact.

When the customer registers the product they’ve bought from you with us, they’ll receive an extended 1-year warranty as well as a lifetime trade-in service through our Remixed program, opening up a world of added value when purchasing AIAIAI products.

As we continue our mission to empower the music creators of the world and add value to our range of products, the AIAIAI membership program is here to provide access to resources that extend the life of your customer’s products and support their creative processes. This includes extended warranty, lifetime trade-in, ongoing partner benefits, and enrollment in our community survey panel. 

Interested dealers, contact a Streetwise team member for more information

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