Firmware Update 5.0

Sampling, granular, and beyond.

What’s included?

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, MicroFreak evolves once more. The V5 firmware introduces user sample importing, a sample playback engine, 3 new granular engines, enhanced envelopes, and more – for free.

Sample Import & Playback

That’s right: MicroFreak can now do samples!

Import your own samples, play them back, and loop them for classic sampled textures with a Freaky twist. Samples can be up to 24 seconds long in 16-bit / 32kHz / mono format, with a total of 3.5 minutes’ worth of total sample storage space.

Granular Engines

3 granular engines for wild audio manipulation

Going a step further, MicroFreak’s V5 firmware will introduce Scan Grains, Cloud Grains, and Hit Grains, 3 new engines that explore slices, textures, and impacts via granular manipulation of your imported samples.

Keyboard Random Source

Using the Preset Utility settings, you can now transform your keyboard as a sample-and-hold-style modulation source; every time a key is pressed, it’ll generate a random bipolar value for unpredictable modulation that responds to your playing.

Snappy Envelopes

Again via the Preset Utility settings, you can now access even shorter attack values with MicroFreak’s envelopes, perfect for gritty, crackling, razor-sharp percussive sounds.

More Presets

What would a firmware update be without more presets? MicroFreak now has over 300 factory presets, with an expanded 512 total preset slots.

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