Arturia – Augmented Brass

Augmented BRASS is a software instrument that seamlessly fuses beautifully-recorded samples with powerful synth engines into powerful and experimental brass for your composition and production.

_An immediate cinematic brass toolkit

A refreshing option for producers, composers, and musicians looking for ready-to-go, high-quality brass sounds suited to their style, from classic to experimental.

_Great for beginners & pros

Augmented BRASS’ preset library and quick controls make it easy to use in any DAW workflow, but its advanced features allow for complex custom sound design when needed.


Augmented BRASS offers the most dynamic & larger-than-life range of sounds, the most flexible sound design options, and the most inspiring preset library for its price, shaking up the familiar orchestral VST plugin and giving something new to users.

Air and metal like you’ve never heard it

Evocative chamber trumpets to huge cinematic ensembles; somber melodies to synth-infused fanfares; essential brass tones to experimental textures unheard; Augmented BRASS is the captivating, powerful, expressive brass you need, enhanced with a quick-fire DAW workflow.

  • Multi-layered brass instrument: A versatile, inspiring, easy-to-use instrument that takes brass in a new direction for modern composition and music production.
  • Dynamic sample library: From full orchestral brass, to chamber horns & trumpets, to wild tape-degraded sustain, the perfect foundations for modern brass sounds.
  • Cutting-edge synth engines: Augment familiar brass sounds with synthesis, from virtual analog bass to the new ‘Simpler’ engine for impacts and noise textures.
  • Expression & morphing: Make sweeping changes to any sound with the Morph control, or intuitively alter key sonic characteristics with quick-fire macros.
  • Deep sound design: Fine-tune your sample & synth layers, and add custom modulation, arpeggiation, effects, and macros in one place.
  • Versatile presets: Hundreds of expertly-crafted presets, from familiar brass timbres to experimental sounds, designed for every style.
  • Interface improvements: With user feedback in mind, we’ve updated the modulation workflow, visual feedback, and added features like individual part panning and keyboard offset – for all Augmented instruments.

Main features

  • Dynamic hybrid brass instrument
  • 2 Layers within each preset; each layer contains 2 customizable sound sources
  • Detailed brass sample library with expressive and contemporary articulations
    • Chamber recordings
    • Orchestral recordings
    • Processed recordings (tape, outboard, distortion, and more)
    • Additional brass-style samples (synths, drones, textures, and more)
  • Flexible synth engines
    • Virtual analog
    • Granular
    • Harmonic
    • Wavetable
    • Simpler (impacts, noise, and more)
  • Morph control moves between Layers A and B, and/or affecting up to 8 custom destinations
  • 7 additional macros: Time, Color, Motion, FX A, FX B, Reverb, Delay
  • 2 LFOs, 2 Function Generators, 2 Random Generators, 4 Keyboard modulation sources, dedicated Vibrato & Tremolo
  • 2 FX slots per layer with 14 FX including ParamEQ, Bitcrusher, BL-20 Flanger, and more
  • Dedicated Delay and Reverb sends with 5 spatial/time-based algorithms
  • Built-in 16-step arpeggiator
  • Keyboard Offset feature
  • 300 factory presets included

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