Arturia’s limited edition MiniBrute SE is in stock now at select dealers nationwide…


MiniBrute SE brings you the same monophonic analog mojo that made the original MiniBrute a hit, with a cool redesigned enclosure and an updated step sequencer! You’ll find all the same oscillators, filters, and envelopes, but the arpeggiator has been replaced with a 64-step sequencer that gives you even more live performance potential. Create patterns on the fly, switch between up to six patterns, and even adjust gate length and swing in real time. Few others have ever packed as much flexibility and functionality into such a compact and affordable synth model.

The perfect analog synth for the control freak in you

The Arturia MiniBrute SE lets you sculpt your sound with extensive hands-on controls that let you dive deeply into every aspect of its analog signal path. The MiniBrute SE’s massively powerful oscillator section lets you blend and shape all six of its sound sources, including a multi-waveform oscillator, a noise generator, and an external source input. Slider controls give you quick access to the MiniBrute’s envelopes, while providing natural visual feedback. And check out the MiniBrute SE’s LFO section – there are individual knobs for assigning modulation to several key parameters. Best of all, the entire layout of the MiniBrute is completely logical and intuitive, so any synth nut will feel right at home.

Exclusive components you won’t find anywhere else

Not only did Arturia trick out the MiniBrute SE with an extra layer of tweakability for its oscillators, envelopes, LFO, and other standard components, they also gave it a few original gadgets as well. Two of its main oscillators are unique beasts indeed: the harmonically rich Ultrasaw and the extra-vibrant Metalizer modulated triangle-wave. But nothing comes close to the sonic mayhem you can create just by cranking up the Brute Factor. And one more thing: the filter section of the MiniBrute SE is also far from ordinary – it’s a genuine Steiner-Parker 2-pole filter, the same ultra-resonant filter found in the legendary Synthacon from the mid ’70s!

Classic analog signal path with modern digital conveniences

By now, you’re probably getting a good idea of what makes the MiniBrute SE so special: it’s a portable analog synthesizer that’s designed to bring back the fun and creativity of sound creation. It’s completely devoid of digital controls, screens, or factory presets. But that doesn’t mean it won’t integrate easily with the rest of your rig. In fact, Arturia gave the MiniBrute both classic CV and MIDI connectivity, including MIDI over USB. So, whether you’re using it in your studio or as part of your live rig, the MiniBrute is ready to take your music to a whole new level!

Arturia MiniBrute SE LTD Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Features:

  • Limited edition MiniBrute, with a 64-step sequencer with six available patterns
  • Only 2,000 will be available worldwide
  • Create patterns and tweak them on the fly with the built-in 64-step sequencer
  • 25-note keyboard with velocity, aftertouch, pitch, and modulation wheels
  • Unique design developed in partnership with synth guru Yves Usson
  • 100 percent analog signal path – no digital controls or menus
  • Multi-wave oscillator section features three different waveforms, a sub-octave generator, and a white noise generator
  • Two unique oscillator types, Ultrasaw and Metalizer, give you unexplored sonic territory to play with
  • External input lets you blend in sources such as vocals and guitars
  • Flexible filter section features a genuine Steiner-Parker 2-pole filter – the same kind found on the legendary Steiner-Parker Synthacon
  • Filter and amp envelopes feature ADSR sliders for quick access and instant visual feedback
  • Both envelopes responses vary from one millisecond to ten seconds
  • Arturia’s original Brute Factor control lets you spice up your sound with the twist of a knob
  • LFO with five waveshapes, MIDI sync, and arpeggiator sync, as well as a number of assignment knobs, including Pulse
  • Width, Metalizer, Ultrasaw, Filter, Pitch, and Amp
  • Vibrato LFO with three modes (sine, trill up, trill down)
  • Assignable aftertouch
  • Portamento gives you smooth gliding sounds
  • Heavy Duty aluminum enclosure built to travel
  • Includes USB, MIDI, and CV connectivity

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