Icon Digital USA adds a new Audio Interface to the catalog….

The Utrack Satellite Pro from Icon is an excellent interface that can be used onstage or as a desktop studio component with all the features you need from an audio interface right at your fingertips.

It has versatile inputs, allowing both instruments and microphones to be plugged right into the front panel with independent level controls. They have provided a +48V phantom power source for the microphone input and Mic/Line selectors for the inputs. It also features dual headphone outputs, with their own precision level controls. Combine that with two line inputs, two line outputs and some of the highest quality audio available with 192kHz sample rate at 24-bit depth, and you have a real winner.

Additionally, Icon’s included audio control panel allows for hot-patching of any input to any output with detailed level controls, and includes their V i r t u a l P o r t technology which allows internal computer audio sources to be routed independently to or from any input or output. For the price, this interface excels in form factor, portability, and features.

Developing and designing products with the help of endorsees, real world musicians, producers, engineers and industry leaders has given Icon the ability to pinpoint a desire for such an interface at a great price ($219.99 MSRP).

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