What’s included?

This update delivers a significant dose of new features and sonic possibilities for existing MiniFreak hardware and software users. With a new wavetable engine, Super Unison effect, Favourites Panel, LFO modulation and more. Sculpt, accentuate, shape and save your sounds in entirely new ways.

A new wavetable engine

Including 32 wavetables and 64 new patches to extend the raw potential of your sound, this update brings one of the most powerful engines to MiniFreak (available for Oscillator 1 only).

Enhanced LFO modulation

Users can now decide if the LFO rate corresponds to a single step, or the entire Shaper curve, empowering you to create more nuanced, evolving, and expressive modulations.

Add width with Super Unison

Transform a simple patch into a Supersaw monster with Super Unison FX. This chorus-type effect can stack up to 6 copies of a sound on top of a dry signal, for unmistakable width.

New sound store for MiniFreak V

Make the most of a brand new Sound Store with two paid banks with 64 patches and three free banks with 32 patches at launch, and more coming soon! Available for all MiniFreak owners, with new sounds easily transferable to the hardware unit.

A favorites panel for hardware users

Save up to 64 of your favorite presets and access them with ease. Enter the favorites panel by pressing shift + save, store a patch by pressing save + selecting a sequencer slot and recall a saved patch with a step button press.

And more

It doesn’t stop there. MiniFreak Firmware 2.0 also comes with additional enhancements to Macro Edit mode for greater real-time control over pitch. As well as Osc Freerun, which now apply to Noise Engineering oscillators, and Clock Send and Transport Send, which can now be toggled on and off. Finally, you can now control volume in series with CC7, from 0 to 1.

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