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Now it is more affordable than ever to explore the world of Arturia’s virtual synthesizers! V Collection Classics is an introductory package that includes the full versions of 5 of our most popular instruments and access to thousands of sounds from the full V Collection for only $199!

Experience the power of our TAE® analog modeling software and your music will never be the same. These legendary instruments will become the foundation for your sound palette for years to come.

5 full software instruments plus Analog Lab!

ARP 2600 V
Its sound has been heard on songs like Frankenstein and as the voice for R2D2, its distinctive colors have shared the stage with artists like Joe Zawinul, and its studio credits range from Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5 to Nine Inch Nails and Owl City. It’s bright, fat and enhanced, Arturia-style. And yours in V Collection Classics.
Mini V
Soaring leads. Clangorous bells. THE bass. The Minimoog has a reputation as one of the most versatile and powerful synthesizers ever made. And our award-winning mini V takes it to new heights with massive polyphony, formant filters, and modulation routings modeled after the Memorymoog.

The Jupiter-8 was one of the first synths that could split its keyboard, allowing a fat bass on the left side and powerful brass on the right. Simple to program and a feast for the ears, it has been used by artists like Toto, Journey, Rush and Devo. And we’ve beefed up the polyphony and the features to make its crystalline sweetness even sweeter.

The Prophet 5 was first to offer presets that stored every parameter. Its sound was halfway between a Minimoog and an Odyssey, it let you play 5 notes at once, and it fit under your arm. Add the Prophet VS, with X-Y morphing of its glassy sounds, expand the polyphony and features, and you have our Prophet-V.

Oberheim SEM V
The Oberheim SEM started out as a single-voice expander and a sequencer slave, and its unique features and sound led to a demand for keyboard models with 2, 4, and eventually 8 voices. No other synth at the time offered such a streamlined and powerful front panel, and its multi-mode filter truly made this little synth stand out among its competitors.

Analog Lab
Analog Lab is at the heart of V Collection Classics. It has over 6000 sounds from the full V Collection so you can explore the entire set of instruments, with full editing of the 5 included synths. Imagine having all of that power at your fingertips! And there are many options to sort, filter and combine the presets to help you find the exact sound you need for your project fast.



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