TRX_B_angle-300x300The TRX is a 2-channel scratch mixer developed in cooperation with DJ Qbert’s Thud Rumble label. The TRX bridges the gap between analog and digital setups and brings a perfect balance of features at an affordable price.  Available in black and white.

The TRX includes three Mini Innofaders – for the crossfader and two channel faders. The Mini Innofader is designed to last more than 4 million cycles and is buttery smooth. It features on-board calibration, so no matter how long you use and abuse the faders, it will always be possible to recalibrate them later.

Each channel features trim control, 3-band EQ, pan slider, fader reverse and curve adjustment, high/low pass filter slider with reverse switch, DVS send/returns, and direct outputs. Switching between DVS and traditional analog vinyl has never been easier. The DVS send and return connections allow the sound card to be removed while the turntables remain connected to the phono inputs. The direct outputs enable each channel to be recorded independently into a DAW or multitrack recorder, so the mix can be edited and mixed down later.


  • Exclusive Thud Rumble design
  • Integrated Premium Quality Contactless innoFADER
  • 2-Channel Switchable Phono / Line Input
  • Stereo XLR Balanced Output
  • Dedicated Post-fader Direct Output for each channel
  • 1/4″ and 1/8″ Headphone Outputs; master & ch. cue
  • Stereo 1/4″ Booth Output
  • Stereo RCA Aux Input / Output
  • Neutrik XLR/TRS Combo Microphone Input
  • 2-Channel High-pass / Low-pass Filter Effects Faders
  • Dedicated Left / Right Pan Faders
  • DVS mode: Switch between Vinyl/CD setup and DVS
  • Superb skratch performance with Adjustable Crossfader and Channel Curves
  • Reverse Functions
  • Universal Power Supply: AC 100~240V, <= 8W. No wall warts!


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