Introducing the Future of Drumming: EFNOTE PRO! 

It’s time to revolutionize your drumming experience with the all-new EFNOTE PRO Kits! We’re thrilled to unveil these groundbreaking kits that are set to reshape the music industry. 

EFNOTE PRO 700 Standard Electronic Drum Kit

EFNOTE PRO 500 Standard Electronic Drum Kit

EFNOTE PRO System (Sound Module and Stagebox)

Flexibility for All Music

EFNOTE PRO supports an incredible array of 7 shells and 8 cymbals, offering unparalleled versatility for musicians across all genres. Each pad is individually wired, allowing you to adapt seamlessly to any musical environment. Save and load sound settings effortlessly, catering to multiple players and Set Lists at your convenience. With a remarkable 12 channels of multitrack USB Audio and simultaneous 16 channels of USB MIDI, you have the power for quick edits, replacements, and adjustments to meet the unique requirements of artists and budgets.

Unmatched Sound

Dive into the world of EFNOTE PRO acrylic shells and experience the magic of Legendary Drum Sets. Capturing the delicate resonance of aged shells, our kits offer an authentic and organic sound that’s far from synthetic and electronic. From maple and birch to steel, aluminum, and more, each shell boasts its own unique character, including a towel-muted sound. Not to be outdone, our Acoustic Cymbals collection offers a diverse range, from bright and crisp modern tones to the dark and soft vintage vibes, including modern trash, effect, and stacked cymbal sounds.

Expanded Playability

EFNOTE PRO’s playability knows no bounds. Build your custom kit for any stage, featuring an impressive 7 Shells and 8 Cymbals configuration. With a focus on professional reliability, each pad is equipped with traditional individual trigger connections (TRS), ensuring your performance is flawlessly captured. And with the enhanced sensitivity and natural dynamics of the ELISE™ Sensing Processor 2.0, your most delicate touches are faithfully reproduced.

Configurations for Every Scene

Choose your stage with EFNOTE PRO’s versatile configurations. The 700 Series caters to full-sized drum setups, perfect for medium to large stages, studios, and churches. For a more compact option, explore the 500 Series, designed around a 16” kick drum for smaller stages, cafes, bars, home studios, and more. And the best part? Both series can be expanded with EFNOTE drum and cymbal pads, allowing you to grow your sound as you grow your skills.

Don’t miss out on this drumming evolution. Experience the EFNOTE PRO Kits and unleash your musical potential like never before. Get ready to transform your rhythm, your sound, and your stage presence.

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